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Zeeland Seaports increases accuracy with eCopy ShareScan

Zeeland Seaports and its 85 employees are responsible for ensuring that the thousands of vessels that visit the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen in the Netherlands each year arrive and depart in an organised and safe manner.

 Zeeland Seaports increases accuracy with eCopy ShareScan

Zeeland Seaports increases accuracy with eCopy ShareScan

In 2013, it took the decision to stop creating hard copy files of important documents, including incoming mail, and to create electronic ones instead – a process that requires the Records Department to scan up to 50 documents a day, including flow charts, technical data sheets, templates and correspondence.

Unhappy with the quality of its original scanning solution – a dedicated scanner and PC – Zeeland Seaports Records Manager Edwin Hamelink started to look for a replacement.
“The quality was OK for the scanning of mono text, but not at all suitable for colour tables and graphics. These not only needed to be of much higher quality, but when scanned in colour, their file sizes were too big. The set up just wasn’t good enough,” he said.

“I wanted the capture solution to be fast, accurate, easy to use and, importantly, capable of scanning into SharePoint. PDF/A functionality, to ensure that fonts are embedded, was also a requirement.”

Zeeland Seaports’ MFP reseller recommended eCopy ShareScan and and eCopy Barcode Recognition Extender integrated with two of the company’s eight MFPs – a combination that has delivered everything Hamelink hoped for.

“I could see that on paper the MFP and eCopy combination offered everything that we needed, while allowing us to maximize our investment in our existing MFPs,” he said.
“In day-to-day use, the combination has not disappointed. I am very happy with eCopy’s high performance, the quality of the colour scans and its easy integration with SharePoint. It was a natural addition to our existing workflow.”

A particular benefit, according to Hamelink, are the small file sizes, which have enabled Zeeland Seaports to maximise the benefits of working with colour documents.

“We want to be able to view documents like flow charts, templates or port data in colour because the increased readability colour gives to a document makes it easier for us to spot any mistakes or whether someone has made a change. Mistakes are much more difficult to spot in mono documents, so eCopy has helped us benefit from a reduction in document-related errors. We have enough confidence in the accuracy of the capture that we now spend less time checking scans against the originals.”

Hamelink added that these benefits have led to a noticeable increase in productivity in the company’s Records Department. “Batch scanning using barcode recognition is now much quicker. We can find information faster and the scanned documents are much more legible,” he said.


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