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Xerox wins £40 million NHS print contract

Xerox has won a £40 million, three-year contract to manage the production and printing of millions of secure and non-secure business forms for the NHS in England and Wales, including prescription pads, dental forms and

Darren Cassidy, managing director, Xerox UK
Darren Cassidy, managing director, Xerox UK

operational forms.

The contract was awarded by NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) through the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

As part of the project, Xerox and partner Adare have established a secure printing site for the production of an estimated 800 million prescription forms each year.

NHSBSA head of service Brendan Brown said: “When dealing with secure documents it’s important to closely monitor their progress from conception to delivery. As a result we needed a service that ensures zero disruption to the provision of clinically critical NHS forms, coupled with careful consideration of security and time efficiency. Xerox provides exactly the expertise we need.”

As well as optimising how forms are printed and handled, Xerox plans to identify improvements to the NHS document supply chain, for example by removing duplicate business processes. In the case of non-secure services, this could include migration to digital processes in support of the NHS workflow automation strategy.

Darren Cassidy, managing director of Xerox UK, said: “This contract is about understanding the specific needs of the health service and working together with the NHSBSA to manage productivity and security concerns. While initial roll-out looks solely at printing paper documents more efficiently, we look forward to identifying new ways to transform the NHSBSA’s document supply chain.”

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