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Xerox covers a lot of bases with its latest product launches

In its latest six-month product update, Xerox has revealed a raft of new solutions designed to improve business processes and productivity.

 In its latest six-month product update, Xerox has revealed a raft of new solutions designed to improve business processes and productivity.

In its latest six-month product update, Xerox has revealed a raft of new solutions designed to improve business processes and productivity.

These include workflow automation solutions, currently available only from Xerox Large Enterprise Operations; cloud-based worker productivity solutions, also available from Xerox channel partners; user analytics for managed print services; and a number of mobile printing solutions.

The four new workflow automation solutions reflect the greater focus within Xerox on vertical industry sectors, as it aims to develop deeper relationships with the big spenders on printing and imaging technology. They combine workflow and content management from Datawatch and Hyland with consulting services, change management, process improvement, technical implementation, integration into existing systems and data capture through imaging and scanning.

Although designed for organisations that want to keep processes in-house, Xerox believes that as a result of the high level of consultancy involved, these solutions provide a natural bridge to Xerox’s business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

The four solutions are:

Workflow Automation Solution for Supply Chain Optimisation – to help retail organisations manage in-store returns and reconcile orders, stock levels and supplier payments. Xerox says that the first company to use it – a large retail chain in Canada – has reduced the labour required for reconciliation by 50% and cut associated printing by 33%;

HR On-boarding – to create a unified workflow for the provisioning of laptops, tablets, telephones, corporate IDs, cars and other assets to new employees. It brings together information from disparate sources including paper, scans, web forms and phone information;

Loan Origination – to manage the capture and archiving of information needed for loan applications from paper, electronic forms and email, with routing to loan officers via a tailored workflow; and

Health Records Information Management – to provide clinicians with a unified view of patient data held in paper archives, Dicom systems and electronic patient record (EPR) systems. The system is already being used by The Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust, which has digitised about 1.2 million paper patient records, freeing up floor space for a new cardiac ward and improving patient and clinical safety.

Cloud solutions

In addition to its workflow automation solutions, Xerox has developed a number of tools that address individual worker productivity, which it is now providing as packaged cloud offerings available from the channel

These are:

Digital Alternatives. Launched in November as an on-premise solution, Digital Alternatives (DA) is now available as a private cloud solution hosted in data centres in Western Europe. It is designed to improve productivity and remove the need to print when working with documents. It does this through digital signatures, easier sharing of documents and other tools, with automatic synchronisation between a user’s various devices. An analytics engine collects data about the types of task being performed and enables organisations to monitor activity on per user basis, with automatic calculation of time and paper saved.

Analytics data can be imported into Xerox CompleteView (see below), giving MPS customers visibility of everything from core print data to DA usage.

DocuShare. Xerox’s document management solution is now also available through a private cloud, providing customers with a simpler,  faster deployment option. The Energy Alliance, an energy supply company, is using it to give mobile workers access to documents from anywhere in the UK.

MPS solutions

To help MPS providers deliver continuous optimisation of a customer’s environment, Xerox is introducing CompleteView User Analytics.

CompleteView User Analytics, which gives insight into users’ printing activities, is the third member of the CompleteView product family developed by Xerox company NewField IT. It follows the introduction of CompleteView Pro, which gives a device-centric view of printing within an organisation, and CompleteView Document Analytics, which gives a document-centric view of a customer’s environment.

A software agent links into print management tools, such as Xerox Secure Print Manager suite, Equitrac Office and Safecom, gathers the information and transmits it to a Xerox data warehouse where it is stored and organised. Using a web-based tool, users can view the data, analyse it and drill down to find inefficiencies in their environment.

Mobility Solutions

Last but not least, Xerox has announced a number of serverless mobile printing apps to improve the productivity of mobile workers and the Xerox Mobile Link App, which allows users to create one-touch workflows on their mobile devices for remote control of Xerox ConnectKey MFPs and the transmission of documents to the cloud, fax, email and other destinations simultaneously.

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