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Set your memories free

Set your memories free
Set your memories free

The Canon Zoemini pocketsized photo printer produces 2 x 3-inch ‘peel and stick’, water/tear-resistant photos, straight from a mobile phone, tablet or social media app. It connects via Bluetooth to the Canon Mini Print app, which includes a variety of filters, frames, templates and AR effects for personalising images that can then be stuck to laptops, mobile covers, bags, mirrors and other items. A tiling function lets you create larger posters or images made up of four or nine prints.

Line of sight


Brother UK has appointed commercial drone specialist COPTRZ as exclusive reseller of its AiRScouter headmounted displays (HMDs). The HD 1080p displays give drone pilots the ability to view a drone’s live video feed, while maintaining line of sight with the device. They can be worn over either eye, supported by a flexi arm and a headband, with or without accessories such as helmets or glasses.

The bigger picture

Philips expands its monitor range
Philips expands its monitor range

Philips has expanded its line-up of monitors with a SuperWide 32:9 display designed to support more efficient multitasking. With its 49-inch curved screen, the Philips 499P9H removes the need for multiple displays in environments such as trading floors. Useful features include USB-C docking, a Windows Hello pop-up webcam, a SmartErgo base and an energy-saving Zero Power Switch.

Double the fun

The latest version of the HP Sprocket photo printer and app offers double the fun by enabling friends to use the same device simultaneously and create a shared photo album of an event. All they need do is connect their phone, select a photo and print. The printer’s LED light will flash in a different colour depending on whose picture is being printed. Available in three new colours (pearl, noir and blush), HP Sprocket New Edition costs £119.95.

Making GDPR fun

Constellate uses gameplay to provide accreditation in GDPR without the need for notes or classroom training. The app powered by Droman Solutions and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC), with content from qualified data protection experts, uses a 3D virtual office and a variety of possible scenarios to reinforce training. Costing £18.99 per user, per year, it is significantly cheaper than traditional classroom learning. Constellate is the first of several gamification courses planned by the SBRC.

Adaptable and secure

Toshiba's latest device
Toshiba’s latest device

Toshiba’s latest 2-in-1 detachable device, the Portégé X30T-E, combines the performance of a business laptop, including bundled keyboard dock and up to 15 hours of battery life, with the freedom of a tablet. It features a 13.3in full HD non-glare, high brightness touchscreen with a kickstand, 8th generation Intel Core processor, LPDDR3 RAM, ultra-fast SSD storage and optional face authentication and fingerprint scanner.

It knows what you want

Thingthing Ltd, developer of the mobile keyboard extension Fleksy Keyboard, has released an evolution of predictive text called Next-Service Prediction (NSP). NSP maps user behaviour to predict not only the next word you want to type, but also the next app or service you might want. For example, a suggestion to ‘meet sometime next week’ could trigger your phone’s calendar.

Four-year guarantee


Lexmark has launched a new generation of single and multifunction workgroup printers for SMEs. The mono and colour desktop devices are supplied with a four-year guarantee, with product support, 24-hour online support and phone access to experts during office hours.

Hygienic headset

Acer has improved comfort and hygiene levels on its new Windows Mixed Reality headset with a detachable design that enables the lens and head-strap to be removed individually for easy cleaning and storage. The Acer OJO 500 features two front-hinged, 2.89in high-resolution LCDs offering a 100-degree feld of view, 2880 x 1440 resolution and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz for clear and realistic images.

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