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Wet ink signatures still a major cause of printing

Free e-signing services with every subscription to Adobe Document Cloud is likely to be a major attraction as the need to add a signature to a document remains a major cause of printing.

e-signing with Adobe Document Cloud
e-signing with Adobe Document Cloud

According to research by ARX, a leading provider of digital signature solutions recently acquired by DocuSign, more than one third of all printed documents are printed for the sole purpose of adding a signature.

The study by American City & County analysed practices in US local and state government, but its findings will strike a chord with readers on this side of the Pond:

  • 37% of all printed documents are printed for the sole purpose of adding signatures;
  • Nearly 30% of respondents say that more than half the documents they print are output solely so that they can be signed;
  • 42% of survey respondents say that collecting traditional signatures using pen and paper delays each signature-dependent process by 2-7 days. For some, the delays are even longer;
  • 32% of all respondents are already either using digital signatures or are planning to do so; nearly 50% more say they see the need for them in their organisation;
  • 95% of those already using digital signatures have seen efficiency increases and 85% have seen shorter turnaround times on signature-dependent documents.

The factors that are most important to respondents when selecting a digital signature solution include security and integrity of sensitive data (88%); ease of use (84%); control over user management/governance policies (82%); and ease of implementation (79%).

The main reservations relate to security, control, integrity and location of sensitive data (77%); acceptance/legality of digital signatures (74%); and compliance with regulations/audit requirements (63%).

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