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UK organisations resilient despite challenge of supporting remote workers

Following the events of the first six months of 2020, almost nine out of 10 IT decision-makers in the UK feel confident in their organisation’s ability to withstand another unanticipated crisis, with 59% feeling ‘somewhat confident’ and 28% feeling ‘very confident’, according to the new Evolution of IT report from LogicMonitor.

The cloud-based provider of IT infrastructure monitoring surveyed 500 IT decision-makers in the UK, North America and Australia/New Zealand to find out how IT departments around the world were impacted by – and have responded to – the coronavirus pandemic.

Its findings show that 54% of IT leaders globally initially experienced IT disruptions or outages to software, productivity and collaboration tools as they shifted to remote work in the first half of 2020.

More than two thirds have since found the new remote working model challenging:

*70% find it hard to support a remote workforce;
*70% find it challenging to keep data secure as their organisation increasingly relies on the cloud; and
*69% find it challenging to ensure there is enough network bandwidth available to avoid service disruptions.

Based on what they have learnt during the current Covid-19 pandemic, IT decision-makers are investing in productivity tools and expanding their use of cloud-based solutions and platforms to maintain business continuity.

By 2025, UK IT leaders expect 79% of their workload to be in the cloud, compared to 62% prior to COVID-19. The corresponding global figures are 78% and 65%. In addition, 94% of respondents globally expect there to be more focus on automation.

While UK IT departments also expect greater IT automation, they appear to lag behind counterparts in the US/Canada and Australia/New Zealand. Only 47% of IT leaders in the UK expect ‘a great deal’ of focus on automation in the next three years, compared to 63% in both the US/Canada and Australia/New Zealand.

Similarly, just 40% of UK IT decision-makers ‘strongly agree’ with the statement that automation allows IT leaders and their teams to focus on more strategic tasks and initiatives, compared to 52% in the US/Canada and 51% in Australia/New Zealand.

Evolution of IT

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