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Time to tackle inefficiencies of email

Businesses are still stuck in the slow lane when it comes to board meetings, persisting with handwritten notes and emailed agenda despite the availability of modern alternatives, claims technology company eShare.

Stuck in the slow lane when it comes to board meetings
Stuck in the slow lane when it comes to board meetings

In a survey of 100 UK directors by TLF Research, 59% said board meeting notes were still handwritten before being typed up and circulated. Almost three quarters receive meeting agenda by email, with 7% still sending out hard copies.

Alister Esam, CEO of eShare, warns that when it comes to meetings too many organisations are still reliant on technology that is at least 20 years old.

He said: “We are all aware how annoying, intrusive and unproductive email can be, and this is even more so when there are lots of unnecessary emails about meeting agendas flying about. There are many smarter options for meetings that are more collaborative and efficient and it is strange that many board meetings are still so old-fashioned.”

Only 2% of executives surveyed use bespoke meeting management software for sharing meeting agenda/information. More than half (58%) expect attendees to arrive with pre-circulated information; 5% offer material via SharePoint, Office 365 or a shared folder; and 4% bring printed materials to hand out.

Esam said: “Sharing information ahead of a board meeting should be simple and should allow the attendee to easily bring the correct information on a tablet or mobile device of their own choosing. Many people use a tablet in business and using them for this purpose makes it easier to annotate documents, share content and ensure that everyone has the right documents.”

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