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Thoughtonomy adds AI to its SaaS platform

Automation platform provider Thoughtonomy has added enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality to its Virtual Workforce Software as a Service platform.

Operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and making use of Azure Cognitive Services and Thoughtonomy’s proprietary algorithms, the Evolution Edition of Virtual Workforce combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with AI and cloud to automate and digitise mundane business processes so that skilled workers can focus on higher value tasks.

Thoughtonomy says that the ability to understand, interpret, translate and structure information, as well as interact with human workers in natural language, enables each Robotic Worker to complete the workload of up to 15 knowledge workers.

Terry Walby, Chief Executive at Thoughtonomy, said: “Industry commentators have referred to the advancement of automation and artificial intelligence as the fourth Industrial Revolution. Our Virtual Workforce Platform democratises the availability of AI-enabled business services to non-technical users in organisations of all sizes. The Evolution Edition underpins our commitment to continual improvement and ongoing market leadership.”

Thoughtonomy claims its Evolution Edition is the only intelligent automation platform delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), with a single license subscription model and an evergreen approach that ensures customers always have the latest functionality.

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