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The power of more

Panasonic KV-S81 Series brings new levels of scanning efficiency and productivity to high volume scanning

Panasonic KV-S81 Series
Panasonic KV-S81 Series

In a world of uncertainty, one thing you can be sure of is that in 2017 the digitalisation of business and the removal of paper from key business workflows will accelerate.

While many organisations aspire to go completely paper-free, the reality is that processes will continue to involve paper to some extent, because that is what the customer prefers, because paper is needed for signatures, or because suppliers, customers and prospects are themselves at different stages of digitisation and still produce and distribute large volumes of paper.

Even if a business does digitise its workflow, for years to come it will need to access and refer to information and records that reside on paper.

Scanners that convert printed or handwritten information into digital formats that can be processed, shared and stored electronically are a key component of any digitisation project, whether used in the mailroom for scanning inbound correspondence, paper forms, invoices, cheques and the like; in the records management department for importing old documents into an electronic content management system; or in the open office for ad hoc scanning of receipts, business cards and other items that are best managed digitally but are still often received in printed form.

Do more

Panasonic has developed its new KV-S81 Series of A3 duplex scanners to help businesses with high volume scanning requirements be more efficient and more productive.

There are two models in the range, both capable of scanning a two-sided document in a single pass at speeds of 140 pages per minute (ppm) or 280 images per minute (ipm) on the KV-S8147 and 120ppm/240ipm on the KVS8127.

The scanners come with a large automatic document feeder that can hold up to 750 A4 or 500 A3 pages at a time. To minimise the need for manual intervention and the continual resetting of margins, the ADF can handle mixed batches including documents of different sizes, thickness and length.

Where documents are of a consistent size, adjustable and lockable paper guides ensure pages are fed in straight, including an attachment guide for documents of less than 70mm wide e.g. business cards.

Alternatively, paper can be fed manually via a straight paper path ideal for old and fragile documents, as well as longer documents up to 100 inches in length like banners and ECG (electro-cardiogram) print-outs. An optional flatbed scanner can be used to scan bound documents, magazine articles and pages from books.

Reliable and productive

As you would expect from devices with a daily duty cycle of up to 100,000 pages, KV-S81 Series scanners are packed with features designed to aid the productivity both of users and of the devices themselves. These include:

High quality imaging. To improve reliability and the effectiveness of OCR software, the scanners automatically adjust density levels to produce scanned data with accurate text, even from forms and vouchers with coloured or dense backgrounds.

Automatic image processing.

Built-in image processing functions like automatic image orientation, automatic cropping, skew correction and punch-hole deletion save time and minimise the need for operator intervention. Auto Rescan and Auto Preview lets users review and adjust images without having to rescan.

Reliable feeding. ToughFeed transport technology and integrated sensors aid productivity and protect documents from damage by detecting misfeeds/jams, doublefeeding and stapled documents, automatically stopping the device to make sure no pages are missed. The KV-S8147 has the added beneft of Double-Feed Retry and Mechanical De-skew features.

Easy maintenance.

An open-wide cover provides easy access to the scanner for maintenance and the cleaning or replacement of long-life rollers (600,000 pages).

Centralised management.

Panasonic’s central management software, Site Central Manager Suite, lets you centrally manage multiple scanners over one network and conduct online scanning and maintenance checks remotely.

Intuitive operation.

A large full colour LCD screen provides an intuitive interface with quick and easy feature selection.


KV-S81 Series scanners can be enhanced with a variety of optional extras including a flatbed scanner and pre- and post-imprinters for swift comparison between a scanned image and the original document.


Taken together, these features give businesses a powerful solution for the digitisation of printed documents, including postal communications, forms, invoices, contracts, HR documents, records and archives.

As Carlos Osuna, Panasonic Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions, points out, Panasonic has designed the KV-S81 Series to provide more of everything – more speed, more capacity, more reliability and more intuitive operation.

He said: “We call it ‘the power of more’. More speed, scanning volume and reliability from your scanner means more time, more operational efficiency and more staff productivity for your organisation. The KV-S81 series delivers more for your business.”

For more information on the Panasonic KV-S81 series, please visit or call 0207 022 6530.

KV-S81 Series at a Glance

Panasonic KV-S81
Panasonic KV-S81

Scan speeds of up to 140 pages per minute
Two-sided scanning at up to 280 images per minute
750-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (500 A3
pages), with lockable paper guide
Mixed document scanning, with continuous
scanning of thin paper
Straight paper path for manual feeding of fragile or
long paper e.g. ECG print-outs and banners
Attachment guide for scanning documents less
than 70mm wide e.g. business cards
Built-in image processing
Full colour LCD operator panel
Remote central management software
Built-in image processing
Ultrasonic double-feed detection
Daily duty cycle of 100,000 sheets
Long-life rollers (600,000 pages)

Speed, Capacity, Reliability

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