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The new rules of customer loyalty

Brands that offer a personalised, multi-channel, technology-enabled customer experience enjoy greater loyalty, but only if the experience is right and brands are open about how they use customer data.

In a survey of 5,000 consumers by Adobe and Goldsmiths, University of London, 61% of consumers said they preferred tailored experiences, with 38% expressing a liking for technology-enabled interactions that make use of new technologies like AI-powered chatbots and augmented reality.

The research highlights the importance of offering an adaptive, consistent experience across printed, mobile and online channels, as the consumers surveyed now do 48% of their shopping online and 25% on their mobiles.

Almost two thirds (62%) said they would take their business elsewhere if a brand didn’t provide a consistent experience across offline and online channels.

Half of UK consumers said they are loyal to brands that tailor experiences to their needs and preferences, and 46% are happy for brands to use their data to achieve this.

However, brands should not take customer loyalty for granted: 83% of UK consumers demand transparency on how customer data is used and 61% say they would happily buy products from an unknown brand if it offered a better experience.

Based on these findings, Adobe and Goldsmiths have identified four new rules of customer loyalty: Give people an Adaptive experience; Be wherever the consumer loves to be – on any device or platform; help consumers filter Choices by delivering great content at the right time to the right person; and Differentiate through experiences that delight consumers.

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