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The big switch

Switching from laser printing to business inkjet technology could reduce the annual energy consumption of European businesses by 1 billion Kwh, cut costs by €134 million and reduce CO2 emissions by 409 million kilogrammes, claims Epson.

The business inkjet leader claims that energy saved from making the switch would be enough to power 1.2 million electric cars for a year, while the potential carbon saving is equivalent to the amount of carbon absorbed by 18 million trees in a year.

Phil Sargeant of market intelligence firm IDC said: “Over recent years we have seen the rise of the business inkjet, from manufacturers
such as Epson, HP and, to a lesser extent, Canon and Brother. The penetration of inkjets is increasing at almost 2% a year. Now, one in three devices sold into an office environment is a business inkjet. If you look at some markets in Europe, the penetration rate is as high as 40%.”

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