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Testing times

Draxxon’s DX-1000 Advanced Virology Testing Platform (AVTP) is a self-contained mobile testing truck designed to provide an instant response during COVID-19 and similar outbreaks/events.

The AVTP features two Yamaha CS-700 devices integrated with the Draxxon DX-INTERCHANGE System, which provides video and audio communication between personnel. One is installed inside the truck; the other is integrated into the vehicle’s rear DX-Outdoor Work Station used by medical personnel interacting with the public.

Draxxon Director of Business Development Tyler Ackerman says the CS-700 was chosen because it met the requirement for simple, one-button operation.

He said: “The CS-700 fit this objective perfectly. It delivers great audio and video quality in an all-in-one design that eliminates the configuration and operation of separate webcams, speakers and microphones.”

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