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Teams talk

Microsoft and Dropbox promise easier team working and collaboration with enhancements to Teams (below) and Dropbox (bottom)

As the number of people using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis exceeds 13 million and the number of active weekly users passes 19 million, Microsoft has introduced a series of improvements to the Microsoft 365 teamworking and conferencing app.

These include the ability to:

•Prioritise time-sensitive communications through alerts that ping a recipient every two minutes on their mobile and desktop until a response is received and ‘read receipts’ that show when a chat you have sent has been read;

Manage communications across teams, using an Announcements feature to highlight important news and, coming soon, the ability to post a single message in multiple channels simultaneously and a ‘channel moderation’ features that lets a moderator oversee what gets posted in a channel and whether replies are permitted;

Manage staff, with a new time clock feature that lets shift workers clock in and out via the Teams mobile app (with the option of geofencing to ensure they are on-site) and a targeted communications feature that lets team leaders message everyone in a specific role.

Microsoft has also introduced new administrator capabilities, such as the ability to apply a pre-defined set of policies across Teams based on individuals’ job function.

Partner initiatives
In addition to enhancements to the Teams feature set, Microsoft is working with partners to integrate teams with other solutions.

For example, it is working with Five9, Genesys and NICE inContact to integrate Teams with contact centre solutions; with ASC, NICE and Verint to add call and meeting recording to Teams; and with retail IT solutions provider REPL to integrate Teams and JDA’s workforce management solution so that shift workers can view their schedules and request changes via the Teams app.

Finally, Microsoft is enabling Microsoft 365 partners to offer free six-month trials of the full Teams experience to customers that haven’t yet moved to the cloud or have only done so with Exchange Online.

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