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Sustainability a minor consideration for buyers

Despite the best efforts of everyone from Prince Charles to Extinction Rebellion, sustainability still sits at the bottom of consumer purchasing criteria, behind cost and convenience.

In a survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by IBM, only one third of consumers said they consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions, and one in four admits they have done nothing over the last five years to make their purchasing more environmentally friendly.

On a more positive note, more than three quarters of people are attempting to limit the amount of single-use plastic they buy due to concerns about plastic ending up in the ocean and food chain.

Given such mixed signals, it is perhaps not surprising that consumers are putting their faith in technology to provide a solution (so that they don’t have to): one third are pinning their hopes on AI to create a more efficient supply chain; one in five think Blockchain will help by tracing food miles; and 18% are trusting the Internet of Things to provide a solution, e.g. installing smart meters to reduce energy consumption.

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