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Something for everyone from Acer ….4 new products

Anti-microbial coatings are just one of the attractions of Acer’s new notebook and tablet line-up for professionals, creatives and field workers

Against the background of lockdown and the need for people to stay connected, productive and safe, Acer has announced a new line-up of notebooks, desktops and monitors.

This includes new anti-microbial technology; the new Enduro brand of rugged notebooks and tablets; new models for designers and illustrators; new enterprise solutions; and a host of gaming desktops, monitors, notebooks, gaming rigs, gaming chairs and other accessories.

In this article, we are going to focus on four new products with business applications.


Chromebook Enterprise Spin 713

Acer is the world’s leading Chromebook manufacturer, and to meet the needs of cloud computing users in enterprises it has launched the Chromebook Enterprise Spin 713.

As a convertible Spin device, it offers the flexibility of multiple operating modes to support different tasks. Use it like a laptop or spin the screen around when you want to touch the screen, draw on it or share information.

The Chromebook Enterprise Spin 713 is impressively thin and light and easy to move between the workplace and home office. To provide users of shared devices with extra protection, its touchscreen has been treated with an anti-microbial coating embedded with silver ions that prevent bacteria from growing on the screen and being passed from one user to another.

Another useful feature for enterprise workloads is the 3:2 VertiView display, offering more vertical space for viewing websites, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Swift 5
The latest addition to Acer’s successful Swift series of ultrathin and ultralight notebooks, the Acer Swift 5 extends the anti-bacterial protection offered by the Chromebook Enterprise Spin 713 to cover not just the screen but the whole device – covers, screen, keyboard and touchpad.

Built for professionals who are always on the move and require all-day performance, Swift 5 weighs less than 1kg; has the processing power to perform multiple applications simultaneously; and boasts ultra-narrow bezels for a 90% screen-to-body ratio.



Concept D Series for Designers

Acer has expanded its Concept D Series for professional designers, illustrators and other creatives with a trio of ConceptD 3 high-performance PANTONE validated monitors; a new desktop aimed at small design studios and creative enthusiasts; clamshell notebooks; and a convertible notebook featuring an Ezel hinge.

The ConceptD 3 Ezel is a hybrid of a work laptop and a graphic display tablet that can be used like a traditional laptop or as a tablet for drawing and other creative work. The Ezel hinge lets users switch between six usage modes, including stand mode for drawing content, display mode to present it, an adjustable float mode, traditional laptop mode, pad mode and share mode. Designers will appreciate the Pantone-validated screen, with delta E<2 colour accuracy, and the 18-hour battery life.



Field workers

Enduro rugged notebooks and tablets

Enduro is a new brand and product line for people who work outside, sometimes in extreme conditions. The military-grade notebooks (Enduro N3/N7) are MIL-810G certified and IP65 compliant for dust- and water-resistance. Combining toughness with a thin and light design, they come with a comfortable, convenient carrying handle and have a hot swappable battery for unlimited use. The Enduro series also includes tablets (Enduro T1/T5) designed for use with gloves in a range of industrial and warehouse applications.


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