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Smarter workspace management

Smartway2 has added Covid-safe workplace functionality to its cloud-based workplace scheduling technology, which also shows enterprises precisely how their meeting rooms, desks and other resources are being utilised. New functionality includes:

*social distancing and sanitation checks. When someone books a desk in Smartway2, all desks within a specified radius are automatically taken out of service. After the desk has been vacated, it cannot be booked again until it has been sanitised, with fully automated desk/room sign-off and release procedures. Digital desk displays indicate whether a workstation is available, awaiting cleaning or out of service.

*contact tracing reports. If someone falls ill, Smartway2 can identify colleagues that have been in close proximity to the infected person;

*‘low Covid risk’ self-certification and management approval for employees who want to return to the office; and

*employee surveys. When someone books resources, Smartway2 lets you ask them questions to gauge employee sentiment across multiple areas.

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