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Scanning to the cloud

Independent regional airline Flybe has transformed the management of maintenance documents in its Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) division by integrating Fujitsu N7100 network scanners with DocuStore cloud-based document management from InSite Data Systems.

Instead of having to post maintenance documents offsite for manual processing, engineering teams in aircraft service bays now scan them directly into DocuStore at point of use, reducing the time needed to review and approve paperwork from 20-30 days to less than 24 hours.

Every time an aircraft enters a maintenance bay, review and repair activities generate significant quantities of paperwork. If documents are lost, an airplane cannot be returned to service, so improving the efficiency of document capture not only speeds up the approval process but reduces the business cost of misplaced documents.

To simplify the capture, identification and processing of documents (and to provide an audit trail showing who has scanned, checked and approved every document), Flybe has integrated customisable, ‘one touch’ N7100 scanners with its document management system.

Now, all engineers have to do is log in at a scanner; select the pre-configured scan job shown on the touch-screen display; check the scan preview to confirm pages have scanned correctly; and press save. Scans are automatically saved as a multi-page PDF in the network file store.

Nicholas Gorton, Production Support Manager at Flybe, said: “The improvements in scanning and archiving are immense. We have been able to speed up the delivery of completed maintenance data to our customers from 20-30 days to 24 hours and the quality of scans and our ability to search within documents have had a positive impact on our efficiency.”

Nimesh Desai, Implementations Director at InSite, added: “The ability to connect the Fujitsu N7100 directly to a network without the need for a PC meant it integrated perfectly with Flybe’s thin client architecture, while the ability to customise the scanner’s touch screen interface enabled us to deliver a simple, efficient user experience. The compact design and price point of the N7100 allows the installation of a distributed fleet of scanners ensuring that documents are captured as they are completed, eliminating the risk of loss and speeding up the approval process.”

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