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Scanning in the UK

UK SMEs regard network connectivity as the most important feature of any scanner solution, followed by the ability to integrate with document management systems and having a simple user interface, according to new research by Brother UK.

Network connectivity
Network connectivity

Nick Gosden, Head of Scanner Category at Brother UK, attributes the popularity of these features to growth of collaborative working, an increasingly mobile workforce and the need for more efficient document capture and work?ow.

He said: “These findings confirm the trajectory of the scan market with businesses seeking integrated solutions rather than products that stand in solitude. With scanner use most common among business functions like customer communications and accounts payable, scanners have to have a role within workflow strategies and need to include features like cloud connectivity and integration with internal systems to derive efficiency.”

Just over half (52%) of the 400 decision-makers and IT purchasers surveyed by Brother scan 11-100 documents every day, with 45% using a dedicated scanning device rather than an MFP.

When scanning, 44% scan directly to a network server, 27% to the cloud and 19% to a document management system. Over a third (39%) of documents are scanned to meet confidential, legal or regulatory standards.

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