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Rugged mobile LiFi power at your fingertips from Getac

Getac has become the first rugged device manufacturer to bring out products with integrated LiFi, starting with the UX10 rugged tablet.

Because LiFi transmits data using light rather than radio frequencies, it is a useful alternative to WiFi where wireless connectivity can interfere with other equipment or can be hazardous, such as in some manufacturing and engineering applications.

It is also useful where security is a priority because light is easier to contain and can’t penetrate walls.

Previously, users wishing to capitalise on the benefits of LiFi technology had to rely on a USB dongle plugged into the side of their device. However, this was vulnerable to knocks or drops, making it unsuitable for many working environments.

A versatile and portable ATEX and IECEx certified tablet ready to deliver digital transformation in potentially explosive environments where rugged performance is required.

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