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Reality disappoints UK tech lovers

British workers have a rose tinted view of technology, with the end result of their employer’s investment in digital technology often failing to meet expectations.

In a survey by network solutions provider HPE Aruba, 92% of UK workers said their workplace would be improved through greater use of technology, with 69% saying they would welcome a fully automated workplace in the next 5-10 years.

Yet, when asked to rate the impact of existing digital technology, only 68% say it has improved the speed of work and just half believe it has had a beneficial effect on work-life balance (54%) and workplace motivation (53%).

One explanation for the gap between expectation and reality identified in Digital Revolutionaries Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace is the level of investment involved.

Aruba’s analysis of results from 7,000 workers in 15 countries reveals a chasm between the experience of ‘Digital Revolutionaries’ working in fully-enabled digital workplaces and ‘Digital Laggards’ with less access to the latest workplace technologies.

Compared to Laggards, Revolutionaries are 51% more likely to have strong job satisfaction; 43% more likely to be positive about their worklife balance; 56% more likely to say they are motivated at work; and 83% more likely to praise their company’s vision.

Advanced digital working is also perceived to be good for professional development, with 65% of Revolutionaries claiming that access to digital technology has helped in their professional development, compared to 31% of Laggards. Almost three quarters (72%) of Revolutionaries report a higher ability to adopt new work skills, compared to 58% of Laggards.

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