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The Canon DR-M1060 offers the flexibility and productivity businesses need to transform their document processes

These are digitisation, security and compliance, automation and multi-channel integration.
These are digitisation, security and compliance, automation and multi-channel integration.

A new report from Canon Europe, Office Insights 2016, highlights the extent to which scanning has become an everyday business task, with 59% of the 1,000 decisionmakers and office workers surveyed stating that they scan more documents today than they did three years ago and 66% describing document scanning as critical or very important to their business.

These findings come from a survey of office workers in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and Africa. In the mature economies of the UK and Western Europe, reliance on scanning is likely to be even more entrenched.

In its 2015 Insights Report, Transforming Business: The Digital Transformation Challenge, Canon identified four inter-linked megatrends that are dominating the thinking of business leaders in the UK, France and Germany and fundamentally changing the way documents and information are handled.

These are digitisation, security and compliance, automation and multi-channel integration. What unites them all is the need to erase the boundaries between information held on paper and data held digitally so that processes can be completed faster, access to information speeded up and compliance improved. And to do this you need a scanner.

Despite accelerating digitisation, paper is not going away completely. Whether to meet the needs/ preferences of customers/ suppliers or because of their own legacy processes/systems, most businesses will continue to produce and receive paper letters, forms, invoices, statements, marketing material etc. and will continue to depend on scanners to process them.

Moreover, the more businesscritical workflow optimisation and process automation become, the more likely it is that businesses will choose to install a dedicated document scanner rather than a shared MFP.

When choosing a scanner, it is important to select one that has the flxibility to handle not only letters and forms but the complete mix of documents used by businesses, from rail tickets to A3 spreadsheets and even banners.

A good example is the Canon imageFORMULA DR-M1060 colour scanner. With scan speeds of 60 pages per minute (for A4 pages at 200di), it is fast enough to meet the requirements of busy workgroups and has the flxibility to handle mixed documents up to A3. Using a combination of the long document mode and folio scan mode (where the scanner scans both sides of a folded page and stitches the images together), it can even handle documents up to A1 in size, as well as 3 metre long banners. At the other end of the scale, items as small as business and ID cards can be scanned with ease.

As important for productivity as the actual machine specifiations is ease of use – and here, too, the DR-M1060 is impressive. This is not a small personal device you would have next to your PC, but a dedicated document scanner that requires table space of its own; in addition to a space-saving U-turn paper path for standard documents, it has a straight paper path for heavier card stocks, long documents banners, which will impact where the device can be positioned.

From a usability perspective, the DR-M1060 is not much different to the personal scanners most people are familiar with. This means that everyone in your organisation will be able to use it without having to lean on IT support.

Once the software has been installed, just load the documents and press scan. Canon CaptureOnTouch software loads automatically and offers the option to save a scanned document as a PDF, TFF, JPEG, PPTX or BMP file, name it and specify a location. Alternatively, CaptureOnTouch can be used to select a pre-confiured scan job (e.g. scan to email or a specified folder) with one click.

Other time-saving features including automatic colour and document size detection, ultrasonic double feed detection and skew detection.

The scanner also has useful image enhancement features like colour drop-out to remove a colour when scanning in B&W or greyscale; text enhancement mode to improve the visibility of faint text or black text on dark backgrounds; and a pre-scan feature that lets you adjust contrast and brightness of pre-scanned images.

For more advanced users, the scanner comes with Kofax VRS image enhancement software; quick connectivity to SharePoint; PDF editing tools; and the option of saving fies to PDF-A for long-term archiving.

The Canon DR-M1060 is a versatile, easy-to-use scanner ideal for businesses and workgroups that want to streamline processes and have the convenience of a dedicated device rather than having to share an MFP that is also used for printing, copying and faxing.

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