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Quintain use Zutec’s Asset Information Management Solutions for landmark North London development

  • Quintain harnesses Zutec’s full-lifecycle Asset Information Management solutions to score success at Wembley Park
  • Making the golden thread a reality across the UK’s largest build-to-rent site

Quintain, the multi-award-winning developer and asset owner/manager has played a central role in the urban regeneration of Wembley Park, Northwest London, undertaking construction and management of the UK’s largest build-to-rent development, the Wembley Park Estate.

Quintain required a quality digital partner for the 8,500 home estate which includes 6,044 Build to Rent homes to be managed by Quintain Living, and they didn’t have to look far.

Over the past 14 years, Zutec, a leading asset lifecycle information and construction management software provider, has been involved in a number of key revitalisation projects in the area, including the new Wembley Stadium.

Zutec’s powerful technology was originally used by Quintain to review all Wembley Park’s BIM models and building information across site, to improve its knowledge of the development and be able to run it more effectively. However, the scope of work quickly evolved.

First Impressions

Quintain’s team were immediately impressed with the platform’s seamless functionality, especially in its ability to collate massive amounts of data needed, align information to standards and regulations, complemented by its searchability, conveniently categorised according to viewer audience. Further its configurability meant it could be nuanced to their specific requirements

From here, Zutec’s role has grown to cover full life asset management across the development as digital information requirements grew. This extended brief sat in-line with the need to establish a ‘golden thread of information’ across Wembley Park’s many developments, from planning, to handover and during the assets’ operational phases.

Central to Zutec’s enhanced involvement in the project was the implementation of a holistic Asset Information Management (AIM) Platform. Emerging from the advanced construction management systems Zutec successfully used previously on the adjacent Wembley Stadium, the AIM immediately improved the accuracy and breadth of data collated, achieving a complete, fully digitally-fingerprinted handover with no white space.

Effectively it creates an identical digital twin of the whole complex, containing crucially valuable information to Quintain.

Full Asset Lifecycle

For Quintain, using Zutec’s configurable, plug-and-play asset lifecycle solutions has achieved instant results. Not only has it made the construction journey more efficient and accountable, it has delivered a complete, and most importantly, accurate handover for ongoing management.

Zutec’s platform has been instrumental to improving and enhancing Wembley Park’s ongoing O&M, establishing a live estate management platform. These systems, nuanced to user need, covers everything from the fabric, fixtures and fittings, right down the type and brand of paint used on the walls.

As most of the properties are for private rental, this robust information set will be crucial to improving the renovation-cycle across the estate. It will make the process of refreshing, repairing and refinishing properties between tenants an efficient and precise process for the RMI team.

From a corporate perspective, adopting a full lifecycle-AIM approach has supported Quintain’s internal insight and decision making processes, communicating its commitment to transparency, compliance and quality to stakeholders and end-users alike.

A Holistic Solution

Commenting on the project, and Zutec’s role Quintain’s Information Manager Craig Stevens, says: “Asset owners and managers, and residents for that matter, rightly want to know what’s gone into the building of their property, how it was built, how it will work and how it will be maintained. It’s crucial for compliance and de-risking the asset. This requires forensic and comprehensive information gathering, and management, throughout the planning, design, and journey to create a fit-for-purpose handover to be used for correct ongoing O&M.”

Stevens continues: “Wembley Park is a large estate with four different contractors, and numerous subcontractors, so being able to keep track and collect information in one user-friendly place is essential. What’s fantastic about the Zutec system is it standardises the process, giving a complete, accurate picture, but also one digestible to the estates team, responsible for managing Wembley Park’s facilities.

Gemma Hawes, Senior Solutions Consultant, at Zutec adds: “Working with Quintain gave us a perfect chance to demonstrate the full potential of our entire Asset Information Management platform, with a full bank of digital fingerprints and no white space across the project. We’re dedicated to de-risking the built environment and showing the like-for-like value of digital assets as much as the bricks and mortar they complement. Wembley Park is a best-practice case of contractor and digital information partner working hand-in-hand to create safer, more secure and comfortable homes for end-users.”


The content below goes into further detail, offering a fuller-picture of the project, its aims and the results achieved using Zutec’s AIM platform:

An ambitious project to realise responsibly-built homes

Commencing in 2005, Quintain’s highly-anticipated, and widely publicised, Wembley Park Estate is UK’s largest build-to-rent development, and a central part of the redevelopment of the Northwest London Suburb where it’s located.

This new housing project, set to provide over 6,000 Build to Rent homes managed by Quintain Living, is the latest phase in a transformation project which is set to revitalise the central Wembley area.

This is in-line with the wider development of the, previously built, new Wembley Stadium.

Zutec had already been involved as providers of the overarching construction management platform on the stadium project, so knew the site well, making them a natural partner for Quintain.

Further, Quintain’s Irish team had successfully worked with Zutec on other projects so a relationship was already there on which to build.

Zutec delivers data accuracy according to an evolving brief

Originally brought on in 2018, Zutec was commissioned by Quintain to review Wembley Park’s BIM models and building information across site.

The Quintain team were impressed with the platform’s seamless functionality in its ability to collate massive amounts of data, align information to standards and regulations and categorise it according to audience.

Particularly, the developer’s team highlighted how easy it was to get to grips with the system and how the sophisticated user experiences meant relevant personnel could rapidly drill down into detail, using an intuitive search and filtering process.

As a result, Zutec’s role would soon evolve to cover the full-lifecycle Asset Information Management (AIM) of the development.

Protecting assets through information gathering

Zutec was also asked to support Quintain’s objective to provide a comprehensive system for ongoing facilities management of the development.

As the ongoing owner and asset manager, it was crucial Quintain delivered complete, accurate records of the construction journey to the estates team at handover.

With mountains of paperwork, drawings and certifications to log, it’s a big job, but essential, to trace back every single component within the building and how it’s been installed, tested and inspected ahead of handover.

The estates team would need an exact digital twin of the whole complex, codifying what materials and construction methods were used across the interior and exterior, from the apartments themselves, to the landscaping around it.

Without this vital information the facilities management would immediately be compromised, exposing the asset owner and end-user to multiple-risks.

Building relationships

Quintain Living is renowned for offering exceptional homes for rent with a reliable service and by the nature of the Build to Rent business model, Quintain is the ongoing owner and asset manager of these residential developments, so a highest-quality, seamless and meticulous O&M handover is crucial.

Zutec’s proprietary document control has been central to delivering this ambition.

Specifically, working closely with Quintain, the Zutec team created bespoke rules with the AIM platform of how building information is recorded, how it’s stored, presented and archived for ease of use.

This makes it easy to digest for the estates team, so they can operate according to exact requirements, giving essential peace-of-mind.

Improving working practices and de-risking the built environment

Zutec’s digital AIM tools will not only improve working practices across construction, handover and future RMI, it will also drive an improvement in the quality of building inspections.

Fundamentally, the platform semi-automates and templates the process, in line with the comprehensive data handed-over post-build. This makes the 24/7 facilities inspection protocol a pain-free experience, and reporting can be logged instantaneously through a smart device synched to the platform with a dedicated app.

It’s a simple, but powerful enhancement which means improvements and replacements can be undertaken promptly, removing an inconvenient and inefficient part of the process. It will be essential to the smooth and seamless management and delivery of the scheduled renovation-cycles, as well as undertaking refurbishment and refinishing between tenant leases.

At a human level, Wembley Park is a perfect example of a development designed, built and handed-over according to a new, more responsible and accountable way of doing business.

To find out more about Zutec’s advanced digital systems and its work within the residential sector click here


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