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The value of the University of Greenwich’s investment in two Canon Océ ColorWave 700 printers was clear for all to see at its recent show of students’ work, which, according to Technical Team Leader Phil Hudson, “took longer to take down than it did to print”.

Suitable for a wide range of graphic art applications, the Océ ColorWave 700 is an all-round printer that produces high quality, instant dry and waterproof prints on uncoated, thick and custom media. It can accommodate up to six rolls simultaneously, giving users access to a choice of substrates without manual intervention.

Hudson said: “The Océ ColorWaves are fast, efficient and cost effective. Two years ago, ink was one of our biggest expenses and we needed to look at making an investment to reduce consumable costs. Since purchasing the Océ ColorWave 700s, we have significantly cut ink costs, increased production capacity and improved flexibility. Now, students can be highly creative and produce work without worrying about the cost of going to an external print bureau. They also know they can complete their work quickly, easily and at a quality that best showcases their work.”

For Hudson, the printers’ fast output was particularly beneficial in the build-up to the show. “Previously there would have been a bottleneck leading up to the show. This time there was still a queue but it was nowhere near as long. Jobs that used to take 10 to 15 minutes took one to two minutes. Another plus for me was the speed at which it produced long banners. This meant there was virtually no outsourcing for the show,” he said.

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