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Protect small and medium businesses from cyber threats with a Linux based Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution that won’t break the bank

Any computer or device that connects to the internet is at risk of getting hacked by cyber criminals without proper protection. Small and medium businesses especially need better cyber security solutions, as their devices and systems also contain their customers’ personal information. A breach in their security could have serious repercussions for their reputation and the business itself. CacheGuard Technologies Ltd offers enterprise-grade internet security that even small companies can afford.


CacheGuard Technologies Ltd specializes in the development of solutions that process the network traffic from the perspectives of security as well as optimization. To protect vulnerable devices from cyber attacks, the company developed CacheGuard UTM. It is a functional, highly integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution that embeds multiple security technologies in a single product. This all in one solution is easy to use and affordable, making it ideal for small and medium businesses. 


CacheGuard UTM processes the business’ network traffic at the IP level, as well as at the web content level in order to deliver purified content with optimum efficiency. As a firewall, web gateway antivirus, bidirectional proxy, web filter, VPN and WAF, it protects the infrastructure from DDOS, malware (even in encrypted traffic), unwanted contents, unauthorised access and content attacks. As a bandwidth manager, caching system and traffic optimizer, it delivers Quality of Service (QoS) to organizations.


It is distributed as an OS (Operating System) to install on a hardware or virtual machine of your choice, as an OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) file to import into your virtualization system, such as VMware or MS Hyper-V, as a hardware appliance or as a cloud service. Once installed on a machine, CacheGuard-OS turns that machine into a powerful UTM device that features multiple powerful and easy to configure functions. Implementing CacheGuard UTM in networks can be

completely transparent for managed devices and systems.


Implementing CacheGuard UTM in a company’s infrastructure is straightforward and in most cases involves simply choosing a machine (virtual or physical), and installing CacheGuard-OS on it. It can be easily configured even by non IT Security/Network professionals. CachGuard’s team is also available to provide support when needed. Aside from their free basic support, they also provide dedicated private support services.


The multi-function service is proposed as a subscription-based Security and Optimization service that can be cancelled at any time without any extra costs. Subscription prices start from $9.99 per month for up to 100 users in forwarding mode designed to protect web users, and/or 20 simultaneous users in reverse mode which is designed to protect web applications. For more information on CacheGuard Technologies Ltd’s products and services, visit

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