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Print IT Magazine – Issue 15 – Free Download

HP goes with the flow and enhances mobile printing and scanning

Print IT Magazine – Issue 15 – Free Download
Print IT Magazine – Issue 15 – Free Download

HP’s autumn refresh of its printer line-up addresses some of the key trends in today’s ‘hybrid paper-anddigital world’: the greater mobility of office workers; the need for security; big data; and the cloud.

The four trends are closely inter-linked as shown by two major product innovations outlined by HP at a worldwide press conference in Barcelona on October 1: new mobile print solutions designed to make it easier for mobile workers to print from/scan to tablets and smartphones; and the launch of new digital workflowoptimised HP Flow MFPs.

Addressing the needs of the 90% of customers who want to print from smartphones but either don’t know how to or find the process too complicated, HP has introduced a simple touch-to-print solution that provides a direct link between an MFP and mobile devices.

This comes in two low cost variants: the HP JetDirect 2800w (€50), which fits in the hardware integration pocket of FutureSmart devices; and the HP1200w Mobile Print Accessory (€38), which connects via USB to existing printers used by 40 million HP customers worldwide.

Both options enable users of NFC-enabled mobile devices, including the new HP Elitepad tablet, to print just by tapping their device on the printer. They also enable printing from WiFienabled devices via a peer-topeer WiFi Direct connection.

The first new products to come with the HP JetDirect 2800w built-in are the HP Laserjet 800 Series of Flow MFPs, which HP describes as the world’s first NFC-enabled enterprise MFPs.

HP stresses that ease of use has been achieved without compromising security, as the wireless element of these units is completely separate from an MFP’s wired network connection; they offer 128-bit encryption; and administrators can set 13 digit passcodes to restrict access to the device.

HP’s second major announcement is the extension of its Flow MFP concept to the HP Laserjet 800 series and to the HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow 5000 s2 scanner.

HP Flow MFPs – introduced this time last year – are a new type of MFP optimised for scanning not copying. To enable fast scanning on office MFPs, HP has broken the traditional link between scanner and print engine speeds and significantly increased scanner throughput; tripled the lifetime duty cycle of typical MFP scanners; improved reliability by introducing ultrasonic doublefeed detection; and added a duplex scanner so it doesn’t matter which side up you place a document in the feeder.

Flow MFPs also provide advanced scan routing and sharing capabilities including a direct link to the Autonomyderived Flow CM Professional cloud-based content management solution.

In addition to these launches, HP announced an international mobile broadband product; enhancements to its Officejet Pro X series of business inkjets; and authentication and serverless capture solutions. For more details see the next issue of Business Info (Issue No. 114).

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