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Print IT Magazine – Issue 09 – Free Download

Cut print costs by 40% with Adobe

Print IT Magazine – Issue 09 – Free Download
Print IT Magazine – Issue 09 – Free Download

Adobe has become the latest company to introduce desktop print optimisation software designed to reduce the financial cost and environmental impact of printing.

Suitable for use with all desktop and network printers, Adobe LeanPrint can cut toner and paper consumption by 40% by reformatting document layouts and colours when printing from popular applications and web browsers including Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Plug-ins installed within supported applications provide an alternative print path, with previews so that users can see the final document before sending it to be printed. LeanPrint has two print modes: Toner Saver, which reduces ink and toner consumption; and Super Saver, which saves both toner and paper by reformatting.

Instead of shrinking pages or using hard-to-read draft mode, LeanPrint reformats pages to make best use of space and optimise readability. Colour charts and graphs are converted to black-and-white patterns; text is laid out in newspaperstyle columns; Excel charts are reformatted to keep most graphs intact; and Web pages are printed without display ads.

Adobe LeanPrint also tracks print jobs and costs; and analyses paper and toner savings arising from its use at document, user and organisational levels.

Toshiba America Business Solutions is selling the software in the US at a cost of $99 per PC or for an annual subscription of $36 per user. It is also offering a free 30-day trial on its website.

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