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Preventenance is better than cure

Datatrade is promising a drastic reduction in customers’ downtime with a new managed service that pre-empts technology failure and allows timely repairs/replacements to be carried out.

Developed for organisations in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, utilities and transport & logistics sectors, the Preventenance service runs real-time health checks on printers, scanners, handheld computers and other electronic assets.

Datatrade managing director Peter Laplanche said: “By having total visibility of assets, from barcode printers on factory floors to electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) devices in vans and lorries, our customers can easily see, for example, when scanner batteries or printheads need replacing. Our Preventenance service is more intuitive than predictive maintenance (PdM) or preventative maintenance (PM) and relies in part on a cloud-based visibility solution where users can monitor the condition of all their assets from a simple dashboard.”
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