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PPE recycling

Internet provider KCOM has become one of the first organisations to make use of a new single-use PPE recycling service launched by fellow Hull-based company ReWorked.

It has installed collection boxes for employees’ used face-masks, gloves and visors, which ReWorked takes away and turns into new products. Every element of the PPE is recovered, including metal nose strips and elasticated ear bands.

After washing and shredding, the raw material is pressed into solid plastic boards that can be used as construction material or to make furniture, including bins, collection boxes and sanitising stations.

Mark Blenkinsop, KCOM head of CSR, said: “Our engineers have been out and about helping to build vital new broadband infrastructure since the start of the pandemic, as well as visiting homes across the region to connect new customers, generating a lot of waste PPE that must be disposed of safely. This scheme is a great way for us to make sure our PPE doesn’t contribute to the mountain of PPE waste that’s one of the unfortunate side effects of the pandemic.”

ReWorked is now planning to introduce PPE recycling schemes on the High Street and in NHS hospitals and other medical sites.

It is estimated that 129 billion face masks & 65 billion plastic gloves are used worldwide every month.

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