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One in three SMEs without CRM

One in three UK SMEs with revenues of between £5 million and £250 million still doesn’t have any CRM technology in place and continues to rely on spreadsheets, claims CRM company Workbooks.

Its new report, The State of the CRM Market 2018 – An SME Perspective, states that the main reasons to adopt CRM technology are to improve the productivity of customer-facing employees (66%), to enhance the customer experience (62%) and to reduce operational costs (49%).

There are obstacles too, notably the complexity of migrating and integrating data from an array of sources into one place, cited by more than half of respondents.

Other challenges include not having the resources to get things done (40%); a lack of IT skills (38%); poor understanding of the processes underpinning the business (38%); cost (38%); and resistance to change (34%).

The most popular features of a CRM system are contact management functions (cited by 89%); reporting and dashboards that enable SMEs to make sense of all the data they gather; mobile access (cited by nearly half); sales order processing (cited by almost one third); and social media functionality (11%).

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