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OKI celebrates 30 Years in Europe

OKI employees came together in Athens in November to celebrate the company’s first 30 years in Europe

OKI employees came together in Athens in November to celebrate the company’s first 30 years in Europe
OKI employees came together in Athens in November to celebrate the company’s first 30 years in Europe

In November, OKI employees from across the EMEA region came together in Athens to celebrate the establishment of the company’s first European office in 1984 in Dusseldorf, Germany and to relive 30 years of innovation, including the launch of Europe’s first LED printer in 1989.

Today, the company has offices in 23 European countries and operates in 60 countries within EMEA.

At the event, Terry Kawashima, managing director, OKI Europe Ltd, said: “We are incredibly proud of OKI’s significant contribution to the EMEA printer market over the last 30 years and the major product breakthroughs we have achieved. Our continued roadmap of innovation and strong European partner links have been fundamental to our success and will doubtless help us to accomplish our vision for future growth.”

By the late 1980s, robust and stable serial impact dot matrix (SIDM) printers were still the most widely used print technology.

However, there was also a growing need for fast, quiet, high-quality printers for a new generation of office PC users. In 1989, to meet this need Oki launched the first LED desktop office printers – the OL400 and OL800.

In 1990, the acquisition of Technitron, one of the biggest European multinational distributors, proved to be a defining moment for the EMEA organisation, creating a network of sales offices throughout Europe, driving business growth in the region and building the foundations of OKI Europe today.

With it, the OKI Europe group expanded its geographical coverage beyond Germany to Technitron sales subsidiaries in an additional seven countries – the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Italy – tripling printer sales in the region.

Other significant milestones in OKI Europe’s 30-year history include:


The OKIPage 4w, the world’s smallest printer with a footprint the size of a piece of A4 paper.


The OKIPage 8c, OKI’s first digital LED colour printer with print speeds two times faster than competitors.


OKIFAX5750/5950, the world’s first real-time internet fax.


OKI C5000 Series, a groundbreaking portfolio of small workgroup colour printers.


OKI C3000 Series, bringing fast, affordable desktop colour to European users.


C5500 MFP, the world’s first A4 colour MFP.


C8600, Europe’s smallest and most affordable A3 colour page printer at half the size and half the price of its competitors.


OKI Europe introduces the industry’s first standard three-year warranty.


C711WT and C920WT, the world’s first digital LED White Toner Printers.


ES9541, the industry’s first digital LED 5 colour A3 Printer is launched, followed by the OKI MB700/MC700 with embedded open platform for improved document management and Smart Managed Document Solutions, OKI Europe’s MPS programme.


Launch of the Shinrai Partner Programme, OKI’s first panEuropean partner programme.

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