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New and improved Eco Copier

Toshiba TEC made headlines a few years ago with the launch of the e-STUDIO 306LP Eco Copier, which uses heat-sensitive toner that can be erased on a separate unit, enabling a sheet of paper to be re-used up to eight times.

Toshiba TEC e-STUDIO5008LP
Toshiba TEC e-STUDIO5008LP

The environmental qualities of this ground-breaking solution garnered the company a lot of column inches and positive PR, but it was not a big seller.

Now, Toshiba TEC has revisited the technology, introducing three monochrome MFPs with a hybrid printing system that combines conventional and erasable printing in a single device.

In this way, the e-STUDIO5008LP series can be used to print permanent documents with conventional black toner and temporary documents with erasable blue toner.

Once they are no longer required, temporary documents that would normally be thrown away after a few hours can be erased using the device’s erase function and the paper re-used.

The ability to erase pages in the e-STUDIO 306LP Eco Copier itself is a new feature – before it could only be done on an external eraser unit. However, Toshiba is still offering an optional eraser unit, the e-STUDIO RD301, which also provides scanning to business workflows and Document Management Systems.

The e-STUDIO5008LP series consists of three models with print speeds of 35, 45 and 50 pages per minute (ppm) for permanent prints and 35ppm when printing with erasable toner.

Users can select the print mode they want at the time of printing or use a rules-based printing feature to automatically switch from one mode to another depending on the application being used.

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