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MPS Monitor 2.0 partners with Kodak Alaris to provide secure and automatic monitoring of scanning devices

Kodak Alaris channel partners can now leverage MPS Monitor 2.0 platform for full visibility on their managed scanning devices

MPS Monitor®, the developer and distributor of the leading platform for the remote monitoring and management of printers and multifunctional devices, today announced that MPS Monitor 2.0 is now available to monitor document scanners from Kodak Alaris. Consequently, Kodak Alaris channel partners who offer managed scan services to their customers can now benefit from MPS Monitor 2.0’s advanced technology to automatically monitor scanning devicesand securely collect all the data about their customers’ scans.

Kodak Alaris is a leading supplier of information capture solutions aimed at simplifying business processes, leveraging decades of innovation in the field of image science. Accurate, high-quality document scanning, along with intelligent software and reliable services from Kodak Alaris, provide customers with a powerful competitive advantage. The firm’s award-winning range of scanners, software and services is available worldwide through Kodak Alaris’ network of channel partners.

The integration of Kodak Alaris within the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform is possible through the MPS Capture Agent from Kodak Alaris. Thanks to the automation achieved in the data collection process, Kodak Alaris channel partners have complete control of pay-per-scan contracts with their customers, streamlining operations related to invoicing. Data can also be used to predict volume and consumption, with a continuous comparison between forecasts and actual use, and they are also able to monitor the lamp’s usage and duration.

Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor, commented: “This announcement with Kodak Alaris is the latest in a long line of relationships with the industry’s key players, which further endorses the channel ecosystem’s recognition of the value that MPS Monitor delivers. In Kodak Alaris’ case, we have made available a solution that offers convenience, efficiency, security and an improved workflow, while providing-data based insights that enable more informed decisions to be made.”

Regine Mudrack, Service Director EMEA at Kodak Alaris, commented: “Thanks to our collaboration with MPS Monitor, Kodak Alaris partners are now able to integrate our award-winning technology and the associated software and services to a well-established MPS approach. This opens doors for additional growth opportunities and increased customer loyalty.”

To learn more about professional scanners from Kodak Alaris and how they work with the MPS Monitor Solution, please visit

About MPS Monitor

With more than 1,000,000 printing devices and 30 billion pages monitored each year on over 150,000 end users, MPS Monitor is one of the major IoT software solutions globally for monitoring printing devices and the provision of Managed Print Services. MPS Monitor provides an extremely complete SaaS platform for monitoring and managing printers, available on the cloud, and equipped with a full set of APIs for integrating external software solutions. Its highly scalable and high-performing data collection technology allows Dealers/VARs, large end-users, manufacturers, and retailers of printer consumables to satisfy any need associated with the management of printing devices, recording of page volumes, and supply of toner in an automatic and controlled way. The MPS Monitor Cloud service is managed within an ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified Information Security Management System and guarantees full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information, please visit

About Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris is a leading provider of information capture solutions that simplify business processes. We exist to help the world make sense of information with smart, connected solutions powered by decades of image science innovation. Our award-winning range of scanners, software and services are available worldwide, and through our network of channel partners. For more information, please visit AlarisWorld.comand follow us @AlarisWorld.

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