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MPS ‘gateway’ to digital transformation

New Quocirca report highlights potential of MPS to help SMEs transform business processes

Managed Print Services have the potential to become the gateway to digital transformation for SMBs as they aim to improve business efficiency and employee productivity, claims Quocirca in a new report.

The Global Print 2025 Spotlight Report Digitisation: key to SMB success reveals that growing numbers of SMBs in the US and UK are planning to enhance their use of digital workflow technology in a bid to become more efficient and productive.

Louella Fernandes
Louella Fernandes

Four out of five (81%) SMEs say digitising paper-based processes will be important for driving their organisation’s digital transformation over the next 7 years, with 47% planning to invest in digital work?ow solutions and more than half expecting to increase their use of collaboration tools by 2025.

At the same time, SMEs’ reliance on printing is likely to diminish. Two thirds (66%) of respondents expect paper documents still to be important to their business in 2025, down from 76% today.

The transition to a ‘paper-lite’ future is being driven by the desire of SMEs to control print-related costs, with more than half of respondents stating that reducing hardware and consumables costs is a major challenge for their business. It is also symptomatic of a growing preference for digital documents.

Almost two thirds (63%) say all paper documents should be scanned, with 60% stating that digital content is more secure than printed.

Purchasing habits are also set to change by 2025, with 55% of respondents favouring print-as-a-service rather than ownership of devices.

The opportunity for MPS suppliers

Quocirca Research Director Louella Fernandes says these finding highlight a signifcant opportunity for MPS suppliers to diversify the products, services and consultancy they offer.

She said: “While budget and resource constraints have previously held SMBs back from digital transformation, the need to improve effciency and productivity is driving them to explore increasingly affordable ‘as-a-service’ digital work?ow technologies. The appetite for digitisation is there, indicating strong market potential for companies that can offer advice and services to support SMBs in their efforts.”

Fernandes advises MPS providers to extend their offering beyond a basic service – which has now become commoditised – and address the digitisation of business processes, from introducing simple tools for scanning expense receipts at MFPs to more sophisticated business process automation and digital work?ow services.

She adds that this will allow suppliers to strengthen the customer relationship by articulating a clear proposition around integrated paper and digital workflow services that will help them meet their productivity and efficiency goals.

“Momentum is growing behind digital transformation in the SMB space and many have identified document workflows as a great place to start to gain quick wins in efficiency and productivity,” she said.

“SMBs are already comfortable with the concept of print-as-a-service, with the majority using some form of basic managed service. With print volumes declining, MPS providers who want to secure their future profitability should look at how they can broaden their services to include digital work?ow services that can help customers along the road to digital transformation.”

‘Digitisation: key to SMB success’ is part of Quocirca’s ‘Global Print 2025’ market insight study led by Research Director and industry expert Louella Fernandes.

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