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More Personalised Ads to Show Up During Football Matches

We are all accustomed to seeing adverts alongside the pitch during football matches. It might be a car manufacturer, betting company or sports clothing brand. Targeted or not, you will see the same advert whoever you are and wherever you are, across the world.

However, this is set to change, thanks to a tech company called 4D Sights, who have created a technology to overwrite existing ads during football matches and make them more targeted to the demographic.

Remember the Arsenal vs Spurs game from last year? If you are watching the re-run, you may see a whole new set of ads that are targeted to your area and your country. So if you are in Africa, Asia or America, you could see a whole new set of ads.

The new ad content is streamed to the 4D Sight servers where the ads are inserted and then released back into the stream, all in under 0.4 seconds.

CEO Erhan Ciris describes that “The core technology processes livestreams in real-time and inserts ads frame by frame at perfect position under 0.4 seconds,” 

“We are a technology provider for the media rights holder who is capable of deploying our native ad formats. We can overlay existing ads with new ads if that’s their goal. Plus, we can also localise existing physical ads for different geographies and demographics.”

4D Sight’s technology can even be used to replace ads or backgrounds in popular TV shows, with a trial of hit sitcom Friends, where a poster in their local coffee shop was changed with a dynamic modern-day advert. Video games are also in discussion, where backgrounds of sports games or shooting games could easily include advertising.

For advertisers, there is an opportunity to gain more eyeballs in front of a target market, especially if advertising in real-time is too dear. Equally, for publishers, there are additional revenue opportunities which will be appealing to many.

The technology uses AI and ad targeting to better understand the viewer’s demographic and what type of ad might be best suited for them. The role of AI means that patterns are found from a huge volume of data, which can be used to create predictive behaviour and ultimately target the best ad for the best consumer.

Tech companies today can go one step further using machine learning to understand how customers respond and then automatically providing a recommendation or solution, without the system being told to do so.

The company currently employs 16 people and is targeting the North American market first. Beyond this, we might see even personalised ads per TV or device that we watch.

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