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Manufacturing companies to drive out paper

Four out of 10 manufacturing companies (41%) plan to increase investment in wearable tech over the next five years in a bid to stay competitive and rid complex supply chains of pen & paper and other manual processes, reveals a new survey by Zebra Technologies.

More than half (56%) of manufacturers still rely on pen and paper to track manufacturing steps, but by 2022 this figure is expected to fall to 24% as the number of fully connected factories doubles.

The Manufacturing Vision Study from Zebra Technologies, based on interviews with 1,100 manufacturing companies, finds that firms across EMEA are set to increase investment in new technologies, like Internet of Things, RFID, wearables and automated systems, to bring goods to market faster (43%), to address supply chain complexity (41%) and to improve connectivity throughout their facilities (40%).

By 2022, 64% of manufacturers expect to be fully connected compared to just 43% today.

The top areas for investment are mobile (55%), voice direction & recognition (49%), location tracking in real-time (47%) and wearables (41%).

Obstacles to further investment include the complexity of these technologies (49%), budget constraints (43%) and integration with legacy systems (39%).

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