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Is necessity the mother of digitisation? Quite possibly, according to new research from KYOCERA Document Solutions, which reveals that nine out of 10 managers in the public sector welcome GDPR – one year old on May 25 – as an opportunity to review data storage arrangements. In this month’s cover story, on page 14, Neopost explains how new data privacy rules (and an office move) prompted its HR department to implement an electronic document management system. In doing so, they have removed many of the inefficiencies of their old paper-based filing system and, perhaps more importantly, built a platform that supports further efficiency and productivity improvements through business process automation.

KYOCERA’s survey also found that while most organisations store documents digitally, 87% feel they are still over-reliant on paper. Automating processes can help reduce paper- dependency, especially when it supports the scanning of forms and other documents directly into a business process. On page 18, we give a sneak preview of a new scanner that Alaris has developed to simplify data capture wherever paper enters the workflow. In our interview with Alaris CEO Don Lofstrom, he makes the interesting point that to be effective AI and machine learning – the motors of further automation
– depend on receiving high quality scans from which they can automatically extract relevant information without the need for human assistance. Image science can appear very arcane, boring even, but now might be the time to give it greater prominence in the list of purchasing criteria.

Of course, having the right technology is just one requirement of a successful digitisation initiative. There also needs
to be a supportive business culture, which is where a lot
of organisations fall down. On page 21, Dr Sandra Bell argues that the vast majority of organisations are operating at a fraction of their digital potential – not just traditional enterprises, but digital native start-ups and Silicon Valley unicorns as well. She highlights three essential building- blocks of digital transformation, adding that ‘in today’s world, businesses must go digital or perish’. You have been warned.

James Goulding,


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