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Lexmark targets manufacturing firms

Lexmark Smart MFPs

Lexmark International aims to boost the efficiency of European manufacturing businesses with the launch of a new solution that works with Lexmark Smart MFPs to automate time-consuming, paper-based processes in shipping and receiving operations.

Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimisation for Manufacturing enables manufacturers to:

  • Improve customer service: Shipping and receiving documents are produced and captured at the point of transaction so order and delivery information can instantly be shared with customers.
  • Reduce expenses: Multipart forms and dot matrix printers are replaced with advanced, efficient laser technology that prints on demand using standard copier paper.
  • Drive productivity: Electronic forms provide instant visibility of supply chain documents and eliminate delays caused by out-of-stock supplies and pre-printed forms.
  • Support compliance: Information for audits and compliance requirements is immediately accessible.

Lexmark manufacturing industry director John Linton said: “Manufacturing and supply chain processes often rely on paper, making them slow and inefficient. It’s also difficult to have real-time visibility into shipment status, which can impact customer service. And when a pre-printed document, label or tag is out of stock, it can shut down a production line and further delay shipments. We developed Lexmark Supply Chain Document Optimisation to help manufacturers overcome these challenges.”

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