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Let’s get phygital

As the recent Two Sides survey (see opposite) attests, the choice facing consumers is less print or digital and more print and digital – sometimes in the same product.

Print And Digital
Print And Digital

A case in point is the world’s first connected vinyl, which uses PowerCoat Alive technology from ArjoWiggins to provide music and vinyl fans with additional digital content on their tablet or smartphone.

Revive aims to bring new life to vinyl by combining the physical, ‘experiential’ nature of an LP with the interactive, multimedia qualities of digital media.

It is the result of a collaboration between three French companies: Yesitis, a French start-up that came up with the connected vinyl concept and developed the online platform & technology behind it; MPO France, a vinyl producer; and paper company Arjowiggins.

Revive record labels printed on Arjowiggins’ PowerCoat Alive connected paper include NFC chips that when tapped, in store, with an NFC-enabled tablet or smartphone stream free 30-second clips of each song to the shopper’s device.

On purchasing the album, the buyer receives a voucher code that they can enter on the Revive App. As well as enabling the user to listen to the LP on their smartphone with a single tap of the label, the app gives access to a secure interface with additional content, including full HD songs, lyrics, tour dates, videos, pre-sale concert tickets, social media and any other material the artist wants to share.

YesItIs refers to the fusion of the physical (vinyl) and online (digital) experiences as ‘phygital’ – a combination that it says will bring music lovers closer to their favourite musicians and to other fans.

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