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It’s all about the apps

At the ConnectKey 2017 launch, a number of Xerox partners explained how they were using the Xerox Personalised Application Builder (PAB) to improve service levels, among them Joshua Justice, President of JustTech.

Second from right: Joshua Justice, President of JustTech
Second from right: Joshua Justice, President of JustTech

The Xerox App Developer of the Year attended its first PAB course three years ago and through a combination of in-house resources and the services of contract developers quickly began to develop apps for its customers and other resellers.

Justice said: “Three years ago we were only a Xerox reseller. We didn’t have any app developers at the time. We were interested in joining the PAB programme to find new ways to do things; to simplify processes; to increase value with customers; to create new differentiators; to sell more machines; and to increase managed print services revenue.

“We are now working with 170 Xerox partners in the US, Europe and Canada. We have over 20,000 apps installed and are growing at a rate of 1,000 new app installs every month. The Xerox US Channels Group has licensed one of our apps and Xerox Canada has licensed another, so we are seeing a lot of growth.

“The apps we have built focus on support. Our most popular is the Firmware Connect app. Every manufacturer regularly releases firmware and software updates to fix operational issues, compatibility issues and to provide security patches, and each one has a manual step for downloading new firmware and software. The Firmware Connect app automates that process.

“When new firmware and software is released and our company approves it on our servers, devices are automatically updated overnight; all settings are kept at the devices and software is updated in sequential order. The Firmware Connect app increases customer satisfaction, improves reliability, increases network security and decreases service calls and the time it takes to update software during business hours. We have 15,000 installations and have downloaded firmware and software 170,000 times.

“Our first app was the Support Connect app, originally called the Contact Us app. With this, customers can request service and supplies from the partner right on the user interface. Then, at the end of last year we released our Email Connect app. Setting up scan to email on any manufacturer’s device is a cumbersome process, unless you have the installation wizard with the new Versalink devices. To set up scan to email you have to get the IP address of the machine to go to the web interface; the username and the password; and you need all the email provider’s settings. Then to set up scan to email, you log in and put in 17 pieces of information on six screens. With Email Connect, you open the app, you put in your email address and password, you choose from the 30 most popular email providers in the US and Europe, and then hit Save. It’s that easy; anyone can set up scan to email in an instant.

“This is important because, due to security, most users now have to reset their passwords every 30 days. If I’m a reseller, my helpdesk gets a lot of calls – ‘My scan to email doesn’t work because someone’s changed the password’. Now you can just leave the app on the machine, they can put in their new password and it’s saved; it’s done. So it cuts down on the cost of the helpdesk as well.”

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