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iPads key to better patient care

The South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) is equipping staff with iPads so that they can capture electronic Patient Clinical Record (ePCR) data at the scene of an incident and share it with the receiving hospital’s A&E department, clinic or ward.


The combination of iPads and Kainos Evolve software is replacing the use of paper forms for recording and sharing patient data. Capturing data electronically ensures that up-to-date patient records are available immediately on hand-over at a hospital and for sharing with clinicians anywhere in the Trust. Previously it took up to six weeks to scan, review, store and distribute information from paper forms.
Steve Topley, Clinical Lead at SECAmb, said: “Providing a hospital with a seamless handover of accurate electronic incident notes makes it quicker and easier for them to provide rapid, focused care. It saves precious time and greatly improves outcomes for patients. And the less obvious benefits are massive. For example, with Evolve’s electronic record there is never any need to waste time trying to decipher cryptic handwriting!”

By consolidating four paper forms into one Evolve electronic form, the Trust has streamlined the workflow and eliminated the recording of duplicate information, whilst also reducing the overheads and risks associated with paper.

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