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Infinity expands

As UniPrint launches the latest version of its managed print solution, sales & marketing director David Fung tells PrintIT why more and more customers are attracted to UniPrint Infinity.

UniPrint launches the latest version of its managed print solution
UniPrint launches the latest version of its managed print solution

UniPrint, a division of ACCEO Solutions Inc., is a printing virtualisation specialist and provider of a PDF-based universal printer driver that enables ‘any platform, any device’ printing from all makes and model of networked or locally attached printer. Installed on the application server, the driver provides a single virtual print queue and compresses data by up to 90% to reduce bandwidth requirements and speed up application access.

Since introducing its universal print driver, UniPrint has brought out additional functionality so that the UniPrint Infinity solution now offers Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Printing, Citrix/Microsoft RDS printing, mobile/BYOD printing, cloud printing and secure pull printing. Together, these capabilities enable  customers to speed up printing – a major selling point for users in remote locations – improve data security and reduce print costs by 35%

UK expansion

In 2012, UniPrint opened a technical sales office in Cardiff to drive expansion in the UK and provide pre- and post-sales support. In the UK, it currently has a distribution agreement with Prianto, about a dozen active resellers and, according to UniPrint sales and marketing director David Fung, hundreds of customers.

Fung says the company’s strategy is to increase sales by targeting specific industries. “We want to replicate our success in North America in the UK. So, over the last 18 to 24 months, we have been focusing on verticals,” he said.

One such is banking & finance. Standard Bank Offshore, for example, is using UniPrint Infinity to provide more reliable, quicker printing for users of thick and thin clients in its Jersey and Isle of Man offices (200 and 110 employees respectively), as well as operations in London, Johannesburg and Mauritius with  headcounts of 15, 25 and 35.

UniPrint Infinity, implemented to coincide with the bank’s move to a new XenApp 6.5 environment, has speeded up print throughput, improved print quality and cut costs. Previously, output was slow and printed documents were often missing pages. Eliminating this problem alone has helped the bank save money. Standard Bank is also trialling secure printing in a number of locations.

Good for healthcare

Another vertical sector of importance to UniPrint is healthcare. Following successful projects in Canada and the USA, it is now targeting NHS organisations, a number of which have shown an interest in Infinity, especially for its ability to provide secure mobile printing to doctors and nurses using tablets/smartphones to access electronic medical records as they move around a site.

“We are talking to different regions in the NHS about Secure UniPrint,” said Fung. “ Making sure that the printer follows the healthcare worker is a huge challenge, especially in the virtualisation world. How do you make sure that healthcare workers print to the printer closest to them? To allay privacy concerns, you don’t want patient records to appear on the wrong printer.”

Complete solution

Fung says that by providing a streamlined, centralised solution that speeds up printing and improves security through pull printing and encryption options, UniPrint is consistent with key trends in business today, including greater emphasis on data security and the replacement of desktop computers with mobile devices or thin/zero clients.

Commenting on the rise of Apple in particular, he said: “The mobile  is here to stay. A lot of people use Mac as their mobile device and in a virtualised environment. Mac is very stringent in terms of how it prints, but now, with our additional features, you don’t have to buy an AirPrint-compatible printer in order for that Mac or iPad to print natively. With our software, you can make any printer – including some legacy printers – Airprint-compatible.”

Fung adds that growing concern about data security is another reason customers are attracted to UniPrint Infinity. “I was talking to a CTO over lunch in New York City and he was saying that the US Government is asking financial companies: Are you sure that your entire organisation is secure, including when you print? Is that print job that travels over the network encrypted? Can anyone tap into your print stream? How do you make sure the end device is secure? How do you make sure the print file you store on your computer is encrypted? All this opens up a whole new opportunity for companies like ourselves who focus on secure printing and mobile printing,” he said.

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