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Improved recognition in new version of AccuRead Automate

Lexmark has announced an enhanced version of AccuRead Automate for Multifunction Printers, which recognises and classifies

Danny Molhoek, Lexmark’s general manager for North West Europe
Danny Molhoek, Lexmark’s general manager for North West Europe

documents as they are scanned, extracting key information for use in other processes.

In this way, AccuRead Automate enables the automatic indexing of scanned files and the routing of captured data to predefined destinations for use in downstream business applications. For the first time, Version 2.0 includes the ability automatically to recognise multi-page documents, such as two-, three- or fourpage invoices, which reduces manual pre-sorting requirements.

Also new is the ability to recognise a document based on its text, not just its layout, which enables the software to classify documents that don’t fully match ‘learned’ categories and significantly reduces error rates.

Danny Molhoek, Lexmark’s general manager for North West Europe, said: “Businesses in the UK struggle with capturing printed information and retrieving it easily when needed. Often manual steps are required before and after the scanning process owing to the wide variety of document types available. Other barriers to data extraction from printed documents include insufficient employee training and limited network bandwidth in remote locations. This update includes significant improvements in speed and performance when classifying documents and extracting the relevant information.”

AccuRead Automate 2.0 for Multifunction Printers is available for the Lexmark CX7 and CX8 Series of colour devices.

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