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I couldn’t do my job without

Caroline Gleeson is CEO and co-founder of recruitment software company Occupop. Its advanced hiring tool enables companies to attract, manage and hire the highest quality job applicants, using artificial intelligence to engage with the best candidates and reduce time spent on recruitment. With specialised features that make screening and shortlisting candidates quick and painless, the all-in-one recruitment platform is especially suited to high volume recruitment. To date, Occupop has helped more than 150 businesses manage their recruitment, including Hertz, Savills, Securitas, Best Drive by Continental, Mitie, GLS Beacon Hospital, DPS, Ainscough Crane Hire and Flo Gas. Here, Caroline Gleeson lists the five things she couldn’t do her job without

1. Grafana
This open source analytics and monitoring solution is great for tracking our database activity, including database speed and any anomalies. It lets you build an endless amount of custom reports to track activity. These could be for internal metrics, like performance and downtime, or for external metrics, such as the use of anonymised data to identify market trends e.g. CV volume peaks in a particular month. Our Hiring Data report was built around reports from Grafana (see caption).

2. Slack
We use Slack as our main internal communications platform. We have channels set up for different teams, as well as group channels where everyone can get involved. In the current climate, with everyone working from home, it has been extremely challenging to maintain a strong level of communication and interaction. Slack has allowed us to keep lines of communication open at all times and to create an online space where our teams can get together.

3. Google Docs.
My go-to tool. Whether it’s a presentation, content piece or financial forecasting, Google Docs enables me to complete the job. As CEO and Operations Director, my role is very cross-functional – I often go from creating a content piece for the marketing team to forecasting profit and loss. One of the best things about Google Docs is the ability to share files across your network, which makes it really easy to collaborate with other team members.

4. Quickbooks
This accounting software is really easy to use and integrates smoothly with other platforms like banking and ecommerce software. One of the key elements of my job is financial management, so being able to quickly run reports and get a bird’s eye view of the business is very important.

5. Occupop
We have hired every employee in the company through Occupop. As a former recruitment consultant, I know just how challenging and time-consuming recruiting can be. And as a business owner, I have been faced with the cost of a bad hire. Getting recruitment right from the outset is so important. Occupop enables me to access a wide talent pool and includes many useful features that help me to streamline the process and find the best candidates for my business quickly and seamlessly.

  • Occupop uses anonymised data from its platform to produce regular reports on employment trends in specific industries, including sales, logistics, healthcare, FM, security and hospitality. It also produces an annual report, the 2020 HR Benchmark Report,providing in-depth insight into recruitment trends, based on a survey of HR professionals and business leaders. Reports can be downloaded from
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