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I couldn’t do my job without….

Brittain Brown, President of Givex, the end-to-end customer engagement specialist, lists the six things he couldn’t do his job without

1 Daily 10km Bike Ride Did you know that exercise in the morning is linked to greater productivity, lower blood pressure and better sleep? My morning bike ride gets me into a good headspace before I’ve even set foot in the office. I own a Schwinn from Canadian Tire – not that fancy, but it suits me. Thieves once took a bike of mine in broad daylight while I was in the office, so I now prefer to ride a basic bike to work in case it, too, gets stolen. I also ride it around trails with my kids at weekends and a couple of years ago completed the 75k Ride for Heart and Stroke on it.

Little Nicky's logo
Little Nicky’s logo

2 Little Nicky’s Coffee I can’t start the day without coffee. Little Nicky’s Coffee, an independent Toronto coffee shop, has been a staple of mine for years. Though they’re known for their made-to-order mini donuts, I go there for my first (and second) daily cup of black coffee. I may be a creature of habit or they may have the best coffee in the downtown core – you’ll just have to pop over to Canada to find out.

3 iPhone 6 I work for a tech company so fully understand the impact the latest innovations can have on a company’s workflow and efficiency. But, let me tell you, my iPhone 6 still works perfectly for me. All I need to get my job done are the authenticator, email and calendar apps. I’m not one for bells and whistles, and that shows in how I conduct my business. Funny story: I got this phone from our QA team a few years ago. They had done a factory reset and were about to toss it out when I picked it up. I have been using it ever since and have never felt the need to upgrade.

Working on a tablet
Working on a tablet

4 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 I wanted to put ‘my tablet’, but we’re going with specifics here. I’m always on the move and the Surface is both portable and easy to use. On a daily basis, Excel is my most used application, and the Surface has the processing power to allow me to go through complex spreadsheets fairly efficiently. This is also how I find and input most of the information that comes across my desk. So, while I don’t want to brand-drop, the Surface works well for me.

5 Lists Making lists is an integral part of my work process. We’re an international company and I’m often on calls, in meetings or popping out of the office to see clients and connect with people. The way I track everything is through lists – To-do lists, priority lists, lists written in notebooks and on digital sticky notes. There’s no way I’d be able to accomplish what I do without writing things down to keep them top-of-mind. Givex, internally, has created a tool to help employees track the moving parts of their projects, which, in turn, helps me ensure everything is running smoothly. The tool itself is a series of lists – lists of recent updates, lists of associated files, lists of new and old projects – that effectively marries my list-making habits with standard company tools. The lists give me a clearer idea of where I should concentrate my energies and help me to be organised and prioritise.

Open concept office
Open concept office

6 Open Concept Office I don’t want to be cheesy, but I couldn’t do my job without the amazing people at Givex. Our belief in an open concept office has perpetuated communication and collaboration within and across teams. Yes, phones are always ringing and people are constantly chatting with clients and leads. But, far from distracting me, this ambient noise helps me to focus and has become a part of my workspace. If I had an office to myself, I’m sure I’d find the silence stifling. The buzz of the office reminds me that we all have the same goals, the same drive, and that pushes me to bring my best self to work every day.

Founded in 1999, Givex provides businesses in a wide variety of industries with a cloud-based operations management solution that generates valuable and actionable customer data. Its fully integrated suite of customisable products includes gift cards, loyalty, point-of-sale (POS) systems, tableside ordering and analytics.

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