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Huge uptake of Lifesize free conferencing offer

Lifesize, which like some other conferencing companies has reacted to the coronavirus crisis by offering its services free of charge (see page 27), has reported a massive increase in new subscribers as a result.

In a blog post, How Lifesize Maintains Reliability Through the Coronavirus Crisis, Lifesize Chief Operating Officer Michael Helmbrecht wrote: “Since making Lifesize video collaboration free and unlimited for anyone over the next six months, we’ve seen a significant increase in new users across all geographies. As of March 25, daily new user registrations for Lifesize month-to-date have increased more than 5,000% compared to prior months.”

The company has also experienced a 500% surge in call volumes and an 800% increase in concurrent call volume. Because the Lifesize network and architecture are based on scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS), it has been able to accommodate these increases with no degradation of quality.

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