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Is voice the answer to office productivity?

Anyone who has ever struggled with copier settings and wished for an easier way of completing complex copy jobs will appreciate the Vision-e Voice app for Xerox ConnectKey MFPs, including the new VersaLink and AltaLink series.

Creating a new user experience across the Xerox ConnectKey
Creating a new user experience across the Xerox ConnectKey portfolio, the products feature a customizable touchscreen interface that operates like a mobile device with swipe and tap capabilities.

The solution, which combines voice recognition technology, an MFP app and an Amazon Dot speaker, lets you interact with an MFP through spoken requests, such as ‘Please make 20 double-sided copies’, ‘Please scan and email to Mike Jones’ or ‘Please request a service call’.

The MFP talks back through Amazon Dot, giving answers to questions like ‘Is there enough paper to complete this job?’.

Vision-e Voice is not just useful for people with disabilities. By providing a quick and easy way to request information, such as toner levels, or to initiate multi-step processes, such as scanning and emailing, it has the potential to improve the productivity of all employees.

Another new voice-enabled application that provides users with instant access to information has just been launched by BrightHR.

It has integrated its people management software with Amazon Alexa, creating a virtual assistant who can answer absence-related queries, such as ‘Alexa, ask BrightHR who is out today?’ and ‘Alexa, ask BrightHR is Dave out on October 23rd?’.

Voice recognition technology
Voice recognition technology

Alastair Brown, Chief Technical Officer at BrightHR, said: “There’s no need to switch to browsers or open an app either. People can keep working while they ask Alexa a question. At the heart of this is the drive to reduce people workloads. Voice is a much more natural way to interact and if voice technologies continue to develop further this is likely to transform the way businesses interact.”

He added: “At BrightHR HQ, on top of keeping up to date with who’s out of the office, Alexa is being used as a brew roulette where it decides who’s turn it is to make teas and coffees for their team. This is decided simply by saying ‘Alexa, ask BrightHR brew-lette’.

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