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Gov launches Cyber Security Strategy: Comment from Andrew Kays

CEO at British cyber security business, Socura.

Andrew welcomes the news, but warns that the government is “weighed down by bureaucracy” and questions whether £37.8m is enough to help local authorities improve cyber reliance.

“Following other recent government cyber announcements, the UK security industry will welcome the strategy, and the understanding that modern public services are completely reliant on digital technology. The UK is highly targeted, and it is important that, as a nation, we defend our ability to support our citizens and the services they rely on. I would question whether £37.8m is enough to help local authorities improve cyber reliance, given their current level of resources and the threats they face. It may prove to be a drop in the ocean, but at the £2B investment overall is a significant sum.

“The formation of the Government Cyber Coordination Centre and the ‘Defend as one’ mantra is a sensible approach. It is always better to adopt a strategic approach to how public services are protected, so I expect to see improvements on how information and support is shared across public services. Of course, how this is implemented is pivotal. Cyber security relies on fast action and response to protect services when they are under threat. Sadly, most governments are slow, weighed down by bureaucracy, and do not excel when it comes to quick information sharing and decision making. Overall the focus on cyber by government is encouraging and we hope that the overall strategy will help the UK lead the way in protecting its valuable public services.”

Andrew Kays, Socura CEO

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