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Generalists not up to the task

IT managed services provider CORETX warns that mid-sized businesses are compromising the effectiveness of their cyber security defences by relying on generalists for their day-to-day security management.

Merlin Gillespie
Merlin Gillespie

The warning follows a survey of 100 IT decision makers, which revealed that although 72% have implemented a Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solution and 83% have replaced their firewall with a more modern solution in the last three years, just 4% have staff dedicated to analysing IT security logs and only 6% have staff dedicated to acting on security reports.

Less than 20% have enough resource to scan all IT logs that might contain security information and, when a potential threat is identified, only 13% always report the risk to someone able to deal with it.

Merlin Gillespie, Group surveyed, 75% have recently fallen victim to a cyber attack, with 40% occurring in the last year. It’s clear that many organisations’ security practices leave very large gaps in their protection. In our view, creating actionable intelligence on the threats organisations face can only be handled by a dedicated team. A business can either recruit and support that function in-house or outsource it to a service provider that specialises in security.”

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