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EIZO Releases Its First 32″ 4K Resolution Surgical Monitor for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

EIZO Limited announces the release of CuratOR LX3240-MR – EIZO’s first 32-inch, 8-megapixel colour monitor for use in the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system environment. This 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) wide-screen monitor is specially designed for operation in medical environments and for displaying images in the vicinity of a strong magnetic field, as is generated by an MRI system. The monitor supports installation on a portable cart or a ceiling mount.

During image acquisition, the MRI scanner generates a strong magnetic field that typically leads to image distortions on monitors in close proximity. Conversely, monitors themselves emit electromagnetic energy which may affect the magnetic field of the MRI system and its image generation. For this reason, conventional monitors cannot be used in the vicinity of an MRI scanner.

The LX3240-MR is designed specifically for use in MRI systems, utilizing special materials to minimize impacts on magnetic fields and resonators. Furthermore, the monitor is shielded against strong magnetic environments up to 100 mT, allowing it to be placed in proximity to an MRI scanner.

The new monitor offers flexible options to connect and display video sources with resolutions such as 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) or Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) using the following ports:
• DisplayPort 1.2
• DisplayPort 1.1 (upscaling Full HD to 4K UHD)
• Two HDMI connectors supporting DVI signals (upscaling Full HD to 4K UHD)

The LX3240-MR is calibrated at the factory with a total of five practice-oriented preset modes. All presets are colour-matched so the colour impression remains consistent between each unit across all greyscale levels. The LX3240-MR’s fully automated brightness stability keeps luminance constant in accordance with medical standards such as DICOM or Gamma 2.2. The monitor is also equipped with an internal backlight sensor which ensures luminance stays consistent.

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