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Digitalisation Is Helping The Logistics Sector Take Control Of Employee Expenses, Reducing Fraudulent Claims And Costs  

Global expenses app, ExpenseOnDemand, helps logistics businesses around the world manage their employee expenses and has seen a huge shift in digitalisation across this industry. Logistics organisations by nature have a huge number of employees permanently out of the office and managing expenses and also ensuring all expense are valid and the correct amount has been a ‘logistical’ nightmare.

A recent report from the expenses app showed how much has been saved by large firms with multiple staff claiming mileage, with one business discovering their staff had been overcharging for business mileage when the total claim reached £1.2m but once analysed through the app this was quickly reduced to £800k saving the firms over £400K

According to a recent survey* businesses are losing over £2bn in employee expense fraud but cutting-edge tech is rapidly putting an end to this spending spree and is essential for busy logistics businesses as these automated processes allow for any duplicate, dubious or fraudulent claims to be flagged immediately.

ExpenseOnDemand automates every aspect of managing company expenses and integrates with Xero/Sage and QuickBooks ensuring the app remains a market leading solution for businesses around the globe and that it continues to work seamlessly while offering a secure and safe service for remote employees in multiple locations.

Business that switches to ExpenseOnDemand can save up to 80% compared to other expense management software solutions.

Sunil Nigam, Founder at ExpenseOnDemand, commented, “Managing employee expenses is difficult for any business but it can be particularly difficult for logistics organisations with some many staff on the roads. Utilising the right technology to help monitor and manage these expenses is essential and as we have seen can save businesses thousands.

ExpenseOnDemand will allow you to automate all your staff expenses and we pride ourselves on ensuring our tech is market-leading and our costs are not only completely transparent but also very competitive. At ExpenseOnDemand we offer a 30-day free trial, with the option to “pay as you use” model, allowing our clients to have flexibility and reassurance that they aren’t tied into a long-term commitment.”

*Gartner & Aberdeen staff expenses survey 2020

About ExpenseOnDemand

Expense On Demand Ltd was established in 2003 and now has offices in England, Australia, India and Singapore.

We provide a world-class online system for managing employee expenses, helping businesses to automate their expenses process in a paperless environment.

The ExpenseOnDemand app enables you to claim and approve expenses from your mobile, anytime anywhere. Finance people can log into our portal to make payments, transfer data and download reports. Implementation takes just a few minutes and you can add extra functions at any time to suit your specific requirements.

From just £1 per user per month, ExpenseOnDemand is simply fantastic value for organisations with 4 to 4000 employees. Is this the best expenses app in the Universe? Take the FREE trial and you decide

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